“The team of lads from Celtic Air arrived on time this morning to replace HVAC x2 and a hot water heater! They were a great group. Super respectful, clean and couldn’t have been nicer. Managed to do it all in one, very long day, they must be exhausted tonight! Barbara in the office is just lovely. They are coming back in the next day or so to put the thermostats on my phone. Phenomenal crew, excellent service. | couldn’t be happier currently. The a million for everything! Would most definitely recommend to anyone considering their services.”

- Gillian M.

“We had a bizarre manufacturer error in our new unit that was causing issues for us. Before pinpointing the cause, Celtic made us top priority by quickly getting relevant parts swapped and maintenance handled and even upgraded our ductwork. When the error in the unit was determined, Celtic honored our warranty and swapped the unit the next day. The employees also laid drop cloths all way to the location of our furnace, keeping our house clean through the whole process. I highly recommend this company. They also had the best financing options in the area for our original furnace.”

- Johnny R.

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